Read about Delbert and his passion for salvaged steel sculpture.



I still have a passion for creating sculpture from salvaged material, but have transitioned back to doing it as a hobby instead of a full time endeavor.  I am still accepting special projects on a limited basis, but I am not attending Fine Art Shows, Festivals or applying for any Long Term Outdoor Exhibits.


If you are interested, I still have many wonderful pieces available for purchase.

Welcome to my world of metal sculpture assembled from all types of recycled, reclaimed scrap that has been discarded as unusable.

I create garden and yard art sculptures from salvaged scrap steel and other materials that have been discarded as worthless for their intended purpose. These salvaged materials take on a new life when removed from their original context and incorporated into a work of art. We often miss this beauty when we focus only on the function of the items instead of their unique form and characteristics. 


I believe there is also a lesson for us as individuals in this transformation. No matter what a person’s past, their future can still be one that adds quality to their own lives and to those with whom they interact. 


I hope that my work brings a smile to the heart of those who view it.


I spent fifteen years in the insurance industry as a salesman and claims adjuster and eighteen years teaching elementary school, but found my true passion when I spent a week in my brother-in-law’s machine shop learning the basics of arc-welding. The idea was to simply build some doorstops for my fellow teachers and develop a hobby to relax. As I picked up different kinds of cast-aside pieces of metal, gears, and truck parts to build the door stops, a vision of more and larger manifested itself. Two years later I left the classroom to pursue full time my new passion for metal sculpting. I continue to use salvaged steel to create all sorts of flowers, critters and just fun stuff. They range in size from a few inches to ten feet and more. Some are painted with bright primary colors, while others are left in a natural state of rust. 

© 2017 Delbert Beckham, Salvaged Steel Sculptor