Installations of sculptures in Exhibits and in Forever Homes...
Triumphant 2017 is part Palestine Main Street Art Tracks Sculpture Show in Palestine, Texas and is available for purchase. For more information, click the email link below for the Main Street Manager, Greg Laudadio.
The Children's Garden area in the Shangri La Botanical Gardens, Orange, Texas.
This flower bed was designed around "Daniel" a sculpture in the "My Young'uns" series of stick figures inspired by the drawings in "The Good News Bible".
This is an interactive sculpture located at The Village At Fairview shopping area in Fairview, Texas. The three pipes will spin around revealing X's and O's to play tic-tac-toe, as well as eye's that are either looking side to side or up or down. No matter how you spin the pipe, you will always end up with the X's or O's in a line of three.
The owner of this salvaged steel sculpture can sit in her front porch swing and listen to the soothing sound of an ever flowing fountain. Water sprays from a vintage shower head into plow disks which overflow into each other, while fish shapes swim around and around underneath.
A Jewett, Texas public park along side Highway 79 is home to this 1000 gal tank that has been transformed into a lighted sculpture. No metal was added or subtracted from the tank. Each flower part and critter are simply bent out from the body of the tank to allow light to filter around and out.
With blooms four feet across, one inch concrete re-bar stems and blades of truck leaf-springs, these five flowers demand your attention as you drive past the Chamber of Commerce in Lampasas, Texas. This installation of my flower sculpture is only one of many sculptors' works that LAFTA has in their permanent and annual year long exhibit.
When you are a life size metal Giraffe sculpture living in a hay meadow across a lake from the family home in beautiful East Texas, you don't mind the occasional golf ball they send your way.
Nacogdoches, Texas is home to this metal sculpture created with plow disks, links of chain, logging equipment parts, recycled concrete re-bar and hummingbirds cut from an old underground fuel tank.
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