Special Projects... aka... commissions...
A long time friend and local veterinarian wanted a critter to go under his sign at his office to entertain his clients and to draw attention to the sign. Dog/Cat was the result of that request. Dog's body is a large piece of pipe, while Cat's is heavy i-beam. All kinds of other salvaged factory and farm equipment parts finish out the two friendly critters. When you are an Aggie and a Veteran, then the only appropriate colors are maroon, red, white and blue.
When your last name is King and you are a tv and radio personality, and you want a Delbert Critter for your back yard, it needs to be large and impressively one-of-a-kind. A centipede with a crown similar to the ones you wear and collect are just the ticket. Centipede King's body is a portion of the mud chain for large tractor tires. What color is a Centipede King? If you are a Green Bay Packers fan then only green and gold will do.
When you have the largest daylily farm in the south, you want people to not be able to miss your sign. A larger than life-size metal sculpture of one of your favorite daylilies, Feliz Navidad, is the answer. Permanently attached to that sign this daylily can be seen forever with its distinctive yellow and reds.
When you love rustic metal sculptures and palm trees, then what's better than having both beside your backyard swimming pool.
If you live in deep East Texas on the shore of Toledo Bend lake, you might also want a bottle tree that actually looks very much like a real East Texas tree.
What kind of fire pit does an avid Aggie fan want? First, it has to be distinctively Texas A&M, and it has to function well and not burn through in one or two seasons. Put all that together and you get a Delbert Beckham Salvaged Steel Fire Pit Sculpture.
Your daughters sing to their babies a special song for months before their births. You want a special gift for those grand-babies. You commission a wall sculpture for their room that combines that daughter's favorite flower colors and the song she sings. This is one of two wall sculptures created especially for those loved ones.
Your neighbor is an avid wake boarder and you want a gift just to say thanks for being a good neighbor and friend.
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